About Us

Not made in China or notmadeinchina.cc website is made for readers who are looking for Best non China made products, We do not aim to target any country, religion, nationality, Race, Language, Ethnicity in any manner. As we all know that China manufactures about 40% of the worlds needs in terms of any products related to our daily needs, examples like Electronics, Home & Kitchen Products, Electrical, Machinery, Furniture, Plastics, vehicles, Toys, Games, Optical, Organic Chemicals, Article of Iron and Steel, Knit clothing & Accessories and many other products.

We have created this site to provide information related to products manufactured or made by other countries like, Products from USA (United States of America), Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Russia and other Countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asian Countries.

When ever you browse shopping sites like, Amazon, Target, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Ikea, Best Buy or the Home Depot, you will very scarcely find Products which are not Made in China, and we are so obsessed to Buy that Cheap Quality products without giving a second thought that what harm it will do in the long run for our future and our upcoming generations these is because in In 2020 alone, China produced about 60 million tonnes of plastic waste, yet only 16 million tonnes of which was recycled, according to the China National Resources Recycling Association. On average, only about 17% of the plastic used in China is recycled in some shape or form (Source Earth.org)

We encourage our readers to buy quality products which are not made in China, Specially made in America or American made Products and help reduce the pollution level which will help to lessen the Global warming.